Sunday, August 21, 2011


Getting a tiny taste of fall around here with afternoon temps in the mid 70's, it is amazing even though I know it can't last long.

Sort of getting the hang of my little Diana mini. Most of the double exposures were intentional this time, although somewhere towards the end of the roll the scans came out sort of weird and cut in the wrong place. My prints didn't come out like that so I wonder what happened.

and p.s. that last half frame is of croissants. Yeah, I know I gave it a funny look or two, myself.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Got a Diana mini to use on my running pictures, this was my first try using it while out for a run. I got a lot of unintentional double exposures and clearly I haven't gotten the hang of just how it takes light levels but it's really fun to use. It takes square pictures which the little walmart photo lab I take my pictures to isn't used to (I'm guessing) so I always get my prints on 4x6 papers with black edges. I kind of like it though, it's all very weird and I think maybe more interesting to look at. Either way I think it does pretty good for a hand wound camera with no flash bulb ( even if I don't know how to use it yet).

08 -07-11

This roll got ruined somehow, (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a dark as dark as it looks here) but oh well, that's part of the gamble with film. The upside is the one picture I cared about showed up okay. While I was out for a run that afternoon I got chased down the road by a snake!  Oddly it's the first one I've come across in almost 6 years of running outside. It slithered past me and into the street where it was promptly run over by a car (poor snake :(  I was happy I didn't get bitten though). Snapped a picture as I was screaming like a girl and running faster than ever to get away.